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The age of the customer has changed everything. This era is marked by new and powerful dynamics: entire industries disrupted, customer hyperadoption of technology, and a desire for excellent customer experience in all interactions with businesses — whether personal or for work. All of these dynamics center around one thing: the customer. Thriving in today’s market requires businesses to pivot strategy and operations to not just know their customer but anticipate their needs and desires and do so quickly and decisively.

Forrester Research helps you chart a path to customer obsession. Our research is rooted in the customer, backed by hundreds of thousands of insights, and helps shorten the distance between vision and superior execution. We help you understand external trends and what they mean for you, provide guidance to help you build your strategy with competitive edge, and offer actionable tools and frameworks so you can execute seamlessly to drive revenue and profit.

Chart A Path To Customer Obsession

  • Operate differently, focusing your strategy, operations, and budget on your customer.
  • Gain strategic insights and form a deep understanding of your changing customer, including their behaviors, preferences, and expectations.
  • Make the right technology investment decisions that lead to growth and differentiation.
  • Enable your employees to deliver on your customer promise by preparing them to succeed.
  • Advance and flourish in your critical initiatives with trusted and proven frameworks and methodologies.


The market demands action at a time when teams can be paralyzed by the magnitude and weight of change. Forrester’s Playbooks give you the tools you need to translate complex strategies into pragmatic, executable steps. Built on best practices and practical experience, they are designed to convert great ideas into results.

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Frameworks & Methodologies

Market dynamics are complex and dynamic; winning strategies require coordination and alignment across disparate teams, tech stacks, and processes. Forrester’s frameworks and methodologies help bring structure and clarity to concepts, allowing you to organize thoughts and orchestrate action.

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Analyst Engagement

A key question is: What does it mean to my company? To me? Working with Forrester analysts allows you to translate the power of research to your specific business context and need.

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Companies that bring value and clarity in today’s market will win. Forrester’s Reprints connect the power of Forrester ideas to your offerings, giving you a bold voice to drive growth.

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COVID-19: Responding, Managing, And Leading During A Pandemic

The latest insights and guidance for leaders to address the growing business and employee experience implications of COVID-19.

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