2011 Mobile Marketing Predictions

In the last few months, we've talked a lot about how quickly the mobile marketing space is moving — and with nearly 75% of marketers telling us they're implementing or planning to implement mobile campaigns in the next year, we're not expecting the pace to slow any time soon.

Since we've just switched over to our 2011 calendars, now is the time to make some predictions about what that mobile marketing growth is really going to look like. In our new report, we take a look at:

  • The potential for marketer-branded application fatigue. (Warning: Those allergic to puns may want to tread lightly on this section.)
  • Emphasis on interactive fundamentals — like display and search — for the mobile marketer.
  • The carving out of mobile-specific expertise both within and independent of interactive teams.
  • Innovation on the marketing potential of location-based services.

Forrester clients can read the full report here. Whether you're a client or not, I invite you to share your own mobile marketing predictions in the comments below. What do you think will happen in the world of mobile marketing this year?



You just unlocked the geolocation fatigue badge

Melissa: Some great points. You cover this indirectly with the apps, but I think geolocation still has a way to go. From app fatigue, size of user base and concerns around privacy, it will be interesting to see how this platform continues to iterate and evolve.

I'm curious as to when mobile expertise will become a standard interactive skill, much in the way social media is now turning into a more common skill (or will over time). With more consumers set to access the web via phone vs. PC in 2013, it would seem just a matter of time.

It's an interesting state of media convergence. I helped create a video around this trend that's relevant to this discussion: http://nochannels.com

Thanks for the predictions.

mobile marketing trends

check out these five top mobile marketing trends you can latch on to today to grow your business.

1) Text message marketing goes mainstream
2) Texting can be offered by local media (e.g., newspapers)
3) Retailers can move beyond mobile marketing to enhance the overall shopping experience – raising consumers’ expectations of what they can do with their phones.
4) Inventive smartphone applications will dazzle with new ways to engage customers – but ultimately disappoint in 2010
5) Big and successful Internet companies can increasingly bake mobile into their offerings

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