Welcome Ken Calhoon to Forrester

I am incredibly excited to announce that Ken Calhoon joins Forrester today in our eBusiness consulting practice. Ken has a fantastic background working with different organizations expanding internationally: Most recently he ran his own consulting firm focused on global expansion; prior to that, he spent seven years at eBay in different positions including VP, International Headquarters and VP, International Trust and Safety.

Ken is well known for his insights and thought leadership in the global eCommerce space: I highly recommend reading his recent Harvard Business Review blog post on What US eCommerce Can Learn From Its Global Copycats.

Some additional highlights from Ken’s background:

  • He's worked internationally for twenty years - in twenty countries - and has developed a great network of business experts around the world.
  • He's worked on growth initiatives not only with large companies such as eBay, Mitsubishi, and PayPal, but also smaller ones such as Ancestry.com, Art.com and Blurb.
  • He's helped many companies with strategy and operations, based in the US and the UK, as a Bain & Company consultant.

We are thrilled to have Ken on board!


Congratulations Ken!

Congratulations, Ken on your selection to join the Forrester team! I look forward to speaking with you about your experiences around the world and discussing emerging market trends. Best of luck in the future at Forrester!



Congrats, Ken, both to you

Congrats, Ken, both to you and to Forrester. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on Global Business matters, especially in Emerging Markets, and we eagerly await your always insightful analyses.