Why Customer Relationship Management Matters — And How To Do It Right

The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology-fueled disruption — an obsession with understanding, connecting with, serving, and delighting customers. But as organizations strive to succeed in the age of the customer, business and IT professionals responsible for customer-facing processes still struggle with how to define CRM strategies, re-engineer customer-facing business processes, acquire and deploy the appropriate supporting technologies, and lead and sustain the necessary organizational changes.

Technology is radically changing your customers and your business. So how do you cope with digital disruption? The CRM playbook is a practical guide that focuses our research and recommendations to help you: discover opportunities; plan for success; take action; and optimize your customer relationships. Read the CRM executive overview and companion reports to take advantage of research, methodologies, and tools to guide you through these critical phases:

The CRM playbook is a living document, so be sure to check in regularly, as we will update these core reports with new data and examples. Beneath these core reports, expect a wealth of “toolkit” research, such as Forrester CRM Waves™ and CRM TechRadars™, as well as Excel-based models, PowerPoint templates, and checklists.


Awesome resource

This is an amazing resource for anyone looking into creating or refining an existing CRM strategy. It's so important to have a set strategy in place that maximizes your efforts and relationships with customers, and scales with your business as the growth augments itself.

Please, do not just buy CRM software and think all is well! The biggest mistake CRM software vendors ever made (aside from putting out sub-par, hard-to-use software) is using the term CRM without mentioning the difference in the strategy and the tool.

Create and perfect your strategy, then find the CRM software tool that will magnify it.