Defining The Mobile Security Market

Understanding the terms and technologies in the mobile security market can be a daunting and difficult task. The mobile ecosystem is changing at a very rapid pace, causing vendors to pivot their product direction to meet the needs of the enterprise. These changes in direction are creating a merging and twisting of technology descriptions being used by sales and marketing of the vendor offerings. What we considered “Mobile Device Management” yesterday has taken on shades of containerization and virtualization today.
Mobile antivirus used to be a standalone vision but has rapidly become a piece of the mobile endpoint security market. Where do we draw the lines, and how do we clearly define the market and products that the enterprise requires to secure their mobile environment?
In an attempt to help the enterprise S&R professional understand the overlapping descriptions of mobile security products, I am working on new research that will help organize and quantify the market. Understanding the detailed state of each of the technology offerings in the market, and their potential impact on a five- to 10-year horizon, will help enterprises make more-educated purchasing decisions.
To begin the process of covering all of the technologies being offered today, I’ve divided the solutions in the space by technology type. Not only am I analyzing technologies that are available now, but I’m also researching any additional products, services, and vendors in the mobile security space that have innovative new concepts that they are bringing to bear. These new-age offerings will help shape the future of mobile security, and we need to get ahead of the concepts now if we wish to have a better understanding of the impact of the innovation.
Mobile Technology List:

Application hardening.
Application wrapping.
Mobile antivirus (standalone).
Mobile application reputation services.
Mobile authentication products and services.
Mobile device management.
Mobile device reputation services.
Mobile DLP.
Mobile endpoint security solutions.
Mobile virtualization.
Secure mobile content sharing.
Secure mobile network gateways/VPN.

The only thing I’m positive of about this list right now, is that I’ve missed something. Here is your chance to help the analyst define the market. How do you view the mobile security technology market and where do you draw the dividing lines? Help me bring clarity to this otherwise cloudy sky.
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Mobile content security

Add mobile content security, unless you are rolling it up somewhere else. Network based content security for mobile devices.

Mobile as a separate category

One thing I wonder about is the extent to which "mobile" is a separate category of computing. What makes a mobile device mobile? Are tablets mobile? Laptops? In the list above, how many of the technologies/threats/security services are unique to mobile? I would argue that just about all the technologies listed apply to just about any endpoint, with the possible exception of containerization. And IMO containerization is a topic that is often missing from discussion of employer-issued PCs and laptops. In 5 years (or less?) we'll assume our computing devices are mobile, drop the word mobile as a modifier, and use some other word ("desktop?") to describe non-mobile computers.

Thank you for the in-depth

Thank you for the in-depth article, Tyler! In forums I've been in, people say application security testing is not necessary because developers should make their applications secure in the first place. WRONG! As you mentioned, developers often lack the training required to create adequate configurations, resulting in reduced effectiveness or much worse. It's extremely important to consider security during the entire software product development and deployment life cycle. Black Diamond Solutions is currently offering a complimentary application security scan for those looking to identify vulnerabilities and secure their applications, without having to give up source code or intellectual property: get free application security scan

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