How Is Social Media Changing Your Brand Strategy?

How many times have you been asked, “What’s your social strategy?” As Facebook’s IPO grabs the headlines, and new social sites like Pinterest and Tumblr grab consumers’ attention, many marketers are wrestling with what brand building looks like in today’s social world. But the real question you should be asking yourself is, “How does social media change your brand strategy?”  

Marketing leaders now view social media as critical for brand building. In our February 2012 Marketing Leadership Online Survey, nine out of 10 marketing leaders told us that social media is fundamentally changing how brands are being built in the 21st century. In fact, they view it as second only to search for brand building. But many are still struggling to determine how to integrate it into their marketing plans. The truth is, while social is a great new tool, it lacks the power to build a brand alone. Marketing leaders such as Coca-Cola and JetBlue recognize this and are integrating social with paid and owned media to build a 21st century brand experience. In my new report, "How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building," I identify three ways social media can help marketers harness the power of social to build their brand by 1) building a relationship to become more trusted; 2) differentiating through an emotional connection to become more remarkable; and 3) nurturing loyal fans to become more essential.   

How is social changing your brand building strategy? What challenges are you facing in the social brand building world? Comment here, or join the conversation in our community of marketing leaders.



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Great blog but you are leaving out on of the most powerful ways of integrating marketing and building brand equity through social media - corporate events and sponsorships.

Many of the Fortune 500 are realizing they already have multi-million dollar investments in events, venues or activities and they can be very successfully amplified through Facebook or Twitter if they create an ambient social media experience.

The success of the social media experience that Vail Resorts created at their mountains (EpicMix) is a great example, but just looking at what Facebook does at all their events, Harley Davidson did at Bike Week and Lexus will do next month at the US Open Golf Tournament. An event can be shared in real time (thanks to technologies like RFID and NFC) without the friction of using a mobile phone or tablet. Pictures are captured automatically with the wave of a tag or bracelet and then posted in real time on Facebook, for hundreds of people to see and engage with.

I wrote a blog two weeks ago about best practices around social media your readers might enjoy - and I'm happy to talk more if you are interested and want to see some case studies. Here is the blog

Here is a great example for Major League Baseball that ended up more BBC like than your average video (YouTube - )


Patrick Great point on events


Great point on events and sponsorship as another way to connect online and offline programs to build a more holistic brand experience. Key point here, and that you also make in your blog, is that you can't treat social as a stand alone silo and expect results. It must be integrated with other elements of your brand building campaign.

I'd welcome the opportunity to hear more about what you are doing in this area -- if you'd like to set up a briefing (


I wrote my theiss about the topic if you are interesed

Just send me a short mail so I can answer and send you the thesis.
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