Social product management workshop coming soon

For anyone interested in using social media as a resource for product requirements, persona development, use cases, and other customer insights, the workshop on this topic is scheduled for later this month.

The goal is to give you specific, practical guidance that you can use the day after the workshop. Therefore, I'm asking attendees to bring examples of their current challenges in gaining customer insights, from either a product management or product marketing perspective. We'll use those scenarios during some hands-on exercises.

Here's the link to the workshop, if you're interested. Space is limited, and based on the number of questions I get about this topic, it should be a lively session.

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re: Social product management workshop coming soon

In your analogy of learning guitar fingering: When I changed jobs from 1 Fortune 500 firm to another, I tried to use the same "fingering", or communication techniques, learned previously. In the new firm, PMs and their vast local and virtural team members solidly managed product and user needs via multiple piloting and testing. But one thing I never mastered in the new culture was egotistical, executive level competitiveness which could, in any given period, cause teams to recoil into modes of protection vs modes of innovation.