Teleconference on Agile adoption next week

Next Monday, August 31, Forrester colleague Dave West and I will be presenting some of our preliminary results from our Agile adoption survey. (Which is still open, if you're interested in participating.) We'll be covering Agile adoption in both IT departments and technology industry companies, including the differences between the two.

Of course, everyone wants to know how many development teams have adopted Agile. My sneak peek for you is, "Substantially more than we had originally estimated." If you want to hear the full answer, here's the link for the teleconference.

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re: Teleconference on Agile adoption next week

Discussions of Agile adoption often focus on issues around the methodology itself. Which flavour of Agile has the greatest chance of success? Why? Which elements of Agile, if missing, create the greatest risks of failure?As significant as these issues may be, the larger question that remains to be answered is, how widely are development teams adopting Agile? And what explains the current rate of adoption, however high or low it might be?