Our research is your research

The management here at Forrester prods us analysts regularly to keep our research agenda in line with our clients'. In that spirit, I've been on a personal campaign to hear, as directly as possible, what questions you'd like answered. You might not know what's already on our list, so it's also an opportunity to get a sneak peek at upcoming projects.

I've been contacting people who downloaded my research, as well as visiting clients in person. (Which is one reason I'm going to be in the Boston area this week.) I had a dope-slap moment this morning when I realized, duh, I should be asking through the blog, too.

So, whether you're a Forrester client or not, let me know what kind of research for product managers and product marketers you'd like to see. If you're in the Bay Area, I'd be glad to visit you in person. If not, let's talk on the phone.


re: Our research is your research

Firstly, thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback - always a good thing!What I've been struggling to find is research in these two areas:1. Software Change Management: In effect research targeted directly to the change management discipline, often thought of as life-cycle mgmt. The reason? It tends to be thought of as a core component for many ALM tools, as well as a number of vendors that have very specific offerings in this space, such as IBM Rational ClearQuest, Atlassian JIRA and Serena Mashups to name a few.2. Evidence of a 'low-end' market niche for tools listed in #1 above and/or simply what a 'low-end' market might look like. With a lot of focus going to SMBs in 2009+, I'm finding it hard to find research that suggests there's a strong sub-market (within SMB) where more 'basic' offerings (such as just enough tooling) is an attractive model.Thanks,Marty