Blah blah (Tom speaks) blah blah

2009 might be, in the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Ox, but January feels like the Month of PowerPoint. I've been doing a lot of speaking lately, including last week's great session about Lean and Agile in San Diego. (And thanks again to Rober Pryor of the San Diego Software Industry Council for the invitation.)

Coming up:

  • A Forrester teleconference, "Agile Adoption Changes Tech Company Operations," which includes some preliminary results from the "Agile company" research.
  • A small presentation to some Forrester clients about the state of the technology market, including where the opportunities lie, from a geographic, vertical, and solution perspective. Plus a few tips on how to emerge from the downturn a stronger company.

I don't know about you, but January has been a busy, busy month for me. Companies are definitely not sitting on their hands, waiting to see what happens to the economy in general, and the tech industry specifically. According to the latest PriceWaterhouseCoopers report, total venture capital for software was down sharply, but was larger than the VC money going to any other single vertical. And the news from technology vendors continues apace, such as the latest progress report on Windows 7 beta.

Busy, busy, busy. The economic news of late 2008 may have been a shock, but people seem eager to continue working. The biggest problem, of course, seems to be figuring out where to put your time, effort, and money during these challenging times.


re: Blah blah (Tom speaks) blah blah

Tom,Not quite sure why you went with the image of Lenin addressing the masses - perhaps a nod to Windows 7's eventual release?At any rate, although there continues to be lots of bad economic news, there are a number of interesting signs that everything is not doom & gloom this year. Reports back from Vegas indicate that the hotels are full and the tables are busy.When I go out to eat, most restaurants are still crowded and I'm waiting in line. Additionally, most (Sprint doesn't count) telecom service providers are making money hand over fist in the wireless arena.The US economy is strong and the wise VC money realizes that when banks and cars come back, we're going to be in for a roaring good time.- Dr. Jim"Learn How Product Managers Can Be Successful And Get The Respect That They Deserve"