"The back button for the Internet"

Even if I didn't do research for a living, I'd be very excited about Zeotrope, a joint venture between the University of Washington and Adobe. Scrolling through Web content as it changes over time is cool. Scrolling simultaneously through multiple kinds of content--like, say, the consumer confidence index, unemployment, and gasoline prices--is incredibly cool.

It's not too early to remind ourselves of the risk of jumping to conclusions when using a tool like Zeotrope. The usual warnings about spurious relationships and logical fallacies still apply. Still, what a potentially useful tool, if used for good.


re: "The back button for the Internet"

Well, the Zeotrope link didn't seem to be working when I tried it out, but your wording caught my eye - could it actually be used for evil? I guess if you found something that was self-similar, being able to track it back through time would show you what it was going to be in the future. Like gas prices. Hitting $4/gal again. In 2009/2010?- Dr. Jim Andersonwww.TheAccidentalPM.com"Learn How Product Managers Can Be Successful And Get The Respect That They Deserve"