MSFT Office in the cloud: a user's perspective

I know a lot of PMs cruise through some of the technology industry forums, such as Slashdot, for the occasional useful feedback about products. However, for products like Microsoft Office, you have to go where the less techie folks hang out.

In that spirit, I thought the letters section for this post on Salon's technology blog was actually more interesting that the original post itself. The topic: Microsoft's plans to put Office in the cloud.



re: MSFT Office in the cloud: a user's perspective

Oh, Oh. Although it's easy to throw stones at Microsoft, at least you can say that they are trying. However, what's interesting is that for whatever reason they don't seem to be keeping up. Google apps basically already does what Microsoft is planning on doing. However, Google has already gotten the "I can't be online all the time" feedback from their users and they are in the process of creating/updating Google Gears to permit off-line access to the online apps & docs. Where is Microsoft's answer to Gears?- Dr. Jim