Working on deadline

We're racing to the end of the quarter, when deadlines for research loom. That's why I haven't been blogging much for the last week or two. I'm currently working on multiple documents:

  • Product management's role in Agile development
  • Product management's role in SaaS
  • What our clients are asking about Agile development, and what these questions mean
  • Using "serious gaming" to elicit product requirements (co-authoring with TJ Keitt)

As soon as this workload subsides, I'll be posting on a normal schedule again.


re: Working on deadline

Hi Everybody,as Tom is working on a doc "Product management's role in SaaS" we could recommend the upcoming SaaS Workshop October 9th in Foster City as a preparation for this subject.Have a look at the agenda at: have also still seats at the vendor positioning workshop October 7th: workshops are relevant for the product management role.Stefan Ried (