Calling all PMs: Agile

We're looking for product managers who have played a role in Agile development efforts. Specifically, we want to talk to both (1) PMs who have been in development groups that started with an Agile approach, and (2) PMs who were part of a transition to Agile within a larger organization.

If either description applies to you, in your current job or an earlier one, please drop me a line. The interview will last about 30 minutes.



re: Calling all PMs: Agile

Hi,I've made the transition several times within several software companies. The main challenge to me, was the right balance between roadmapping and 'on the fly' decisions. To me it all comes down to getting Management to understand that you need a theme-based roadmap, and getting engineers to understand what incremental development (including continuous design, build & QA) means.