Hot topics for PM

First, thanks to everyone who volunteered to be part of the PM-focused surveys. The door is always open for new people to join, so tell a friend! And a special thanks to the Product Management View, who kindly posted a notice about the survey on their blog.

For those who haven't read this blog before, I'll extend the invitation again to tell us about the topics in product management that are important to you. Product managers are busy people--so busy that it's hard to find the time to investigate how to do the job better or more easily. If you have a topic that's important for you, please post it in the comments, or drop me a line.



re: Hot topics for PM

Hi Tom,Great to see Forrester doing more research on Product Management trends and best practices. If you would like to share any of your research with the product management community, we would be pleased to have you speak at one or more of our free weekly product management webinars (or any of your readers with interesting product management topics.) Here is the link to the page, just click on Upcoming or Past Webinars for examples of the type of content we are looking for. you would like to participate, just let me know.Regards,Russell

re: Hot topics for PM

Hi Tom, I'm new to your blog and am very interested in what I've seen so far (in the last five minutes;-).I recently changed companies and now find myself running a PM organization that lives in an Agile / SaaS environment. It's an exciting environment in which to work. However, it's a big change from my previous experience with companies doing 'waterfall' development. I'm thrilled to work in this environment, but also find myself exhausted by the pace of development.I'm working on some ideas on Agile and SaaS for my blog and would love to hear about your (and others') experience. Thanks,Michael