Today, you are a man

Yesterday, I finished my first draft of my first Forrester publication. The subject is the product development process and how it needs evolve, not merely mature.

Around Forrester, the first publication is a rite of passage. Sure, Mr. Smarty-Pants Industry Guy, you've written millions of words over your career, but can you write a succinct, useful document in the Forrester style? And can you back up your claims with data?

Since I'm normally able to write pages and pages of text without too much effort, my daughter was thrilled to hear that this first Forrester piece was a real challenge. Writing useful advice is not like blogging. Researchers are not pundits.

And now we go into the editing phase...


re: Today, you are a man

Congrats, Tom! I hope I get the chance to read it at some point...Cheers,-a-

re: Today, you are a man

Best of luck with your first pub!

re: Today, you are a man

I also share the pains, my first doc had over a dozen iterations, however it's well worth it in the end.Every single line must be defensible, really an amazing feat.