Mobile augmented reality

The pace of innovation is accelerating in the mobile space like never before and opening up new opportunities. Mobile has the potentiel to bridge the digital and the real worlds. Not a day without a new mobile augmented reality service or application out on the market. Of course, that's still niche but it clearly demonstrates the potential of the mobile platform.

If you disagree or if you don't get my point, just watch the video below

This video is not brand new and has already been seen close to 500,000 times. The service is provided by an innovative start-up that offers a reality browser available for Android. However, these types of applications are flourishing. See for example the Métro Paris application here or more recently the app here.


I bet the best mobile service at the next MWC conference in Barcelona will be a mobile augmented reality app or service. If you haven't submitted your service, the contest is now open at

What do you think? What are the most innovative mobile services you have seen in the recent weeks?


re: Mobile augmented reality

Thomas,I'm afraid but it's not augmented reality.Real AR means object recognition, in your cases it's just a matter of using a GPS and a compass to display -in a very clever manner- POI, their distance and directions.Point your iPhone to ground you'll get the same results.Real AR would means the iPhone recognize an object (face, building, ...) to surround it with information. Apple doesn't allow it today and the technology is not yet accurate enough to do so.So let's talk about Nearly Augmented Reality and keep supporting such innovation that, I do agree, will dramatically improve smartphones' usage.

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Thanks Luc for your comment.I agree with you this is a shortcut and not "pure" augmented reality.That being said if you take into account the latest and forthcoming versions of Layar or those of Dassault Systems and if you add 3D and technologies such as "Point and Find" from Nokia, I think we're nearly there.My point was to showcase innovation and the potential of mobile phones. What are the most innovative services you've seen? Are you aware of any "real" mobile AR apps or services?

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More information on mobile AR is available at: