Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers

Pal John McCarthy and I published a report on a new category of vendors that we call mobile engagement providers that have a "complete portfolio of engagement competencies and management skills to help you build and deliver great mobile experiences at global scale." This market will grow to $32.4 billion by 2018.

The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal published this post from us today. It's long, but captures the key points.

I'll have more say later in the week. But for now, enjoy the post on WSJ!



"Providing a great mobile experience to customers is not a project, but a long-term program of activities, operations and releases." Yes. This is spot-on. Fortunately, more and more, most of the clients we work at Skookum with come to the table with this understanding. Meetings tend to start with a client saying "I've got a big business problem, and I think mobile tech can help me solve it" as opposed to "We need to build a cool mobile app." For our team -- and, I'm sure, for other custom app dev shops like us -- it's always a good sign when the "need-to-solve-problems", not the "need-to-be-cool", is the client's expressed impetus to talk about a mobile strategy. And our most successful clients are those who see mobile as an ongoing initiative, not a short-term project that will allow them to check "mobile" off their marketing to-do list.