Get Empowered Free On Kindle Through September 10th

[Update: 3:15pm, 9-7-2010. Sigh. This is a US-only offer. My apologies to colleagues and friends in other countries. I'm told you can buy it on in other countries, at least in hard copy.]

Our new book, Empowered, is free on Kindle through September 10th. That means anybody with a Kindle or Kindle reader (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, PC, or Mac) can download and read it for free forever.

My coauthor Josh Bernoff explains why we're not crazy to do this. It boils down to: We hope you read it and share your thoughts and your own HERO experiences with friends and colleagues. For my part, I'd be thrilled to hear directly back from you or read about your own HERO experiences in comments or posts or tweets or video narratives. Here's Josh's post: 

Starting today and continuing until this Friday September 10, you can download Empowered to your Kindle at no charge.

You want to know how to manage your company in the age of empowered customers, don't you? If you've got a Kindle, what's stopping you?

Now to the other question. Are we crazy?

Some people have told me that giving away Empowered on Kindle makes it seem worthless. Or that I'm giving up revenue.

But I'm gambling on a different outcome.

Empowered cover I think the book is going to unleash a lot of HEROes. I would like to see thousands of you read it, get inspired, energize your customers, and transform your companies. I would love it if you got sufficiently excited to tell somebody else. Go ahead, start something.

I would like it very much if you would prove me right. If you do, plenty more authors and publishers will do this. Reward my faith in you. Download the book and read it now. Then review it, talk about it, tweet it.

Note: If you have an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Mac, or PC, there are Kindle apps for those devices too. So you can get it free as well.

And if you prefer print, we love you too. You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. It will be everywhere by next week.



Just Got It!

After visiting my local Barnes & Noble to purchase this book last week -- in vain -- I found this blog post. It was the tipping point that finally led me to download the Kindle app to my iPad.

The experience was seamless. There's something to be said about a purchase process with an option to send a product directly to my iPad. I expected to have to download the product, start iTunes 10, wait for the app to sync, then reupload the product. Starting from the moment I read this post, it took me all of three minutes to get Empowered.

This reminds me why are mobile apps so successful. They take an otherwise complex purchasing process and eliminate the reasons why people abandon the process. Today, there are millions of reasons why people stop shopping for things they really intended to buy, just as there are millions of reasons why retail associates feel disconnected from the whole process.

The act of getting Empowered on my iPad was a moment of truth for me -- it's a reminder if the consumer wants to buy, marketers should move heaven and earth to make it easy for them to do so.

Links broken?!

It's 1:39pm PDT on Sep 10th. I tried to download the book using the "free on Kindle" link above, but that link is broken. I tried Googling for a similar link, found one but that too was broken. Searching Amazon, I found the "0.00" price Kindle edition link on the book's page, but that link is also broken. Which part of "through September 10th" did I not understand?! Alas ;)

(Hi Ted, Hondo here. Sylvia sends her love.)

Bummer. Sorry.

Hondo, I think we're all still learning about how to manage the power of free in this digital age. Some glitch with Amazon, but it ended on time anyway ;-). We're now working to get the right actual price of $9.99 on Kindle. Stay tuned. Of course, you can also drop the $18.47 and buy it on Amazon or in stores on Tuesday. Worth it, I'm sure!


Our Hero

I enjoyed reading your "Empowered" article in the Jul/Aug-2010 Harvard Business Review magazine. I've told many people about your article, especially the example of Best Buy's Twelpforce. It's timely information and I expect your book will do well.

I think our Director of IT Operations at IPC qualifies as a HERO. For one example, he built a customized Yammer (an enterprise-wide Twitter-like) system that we have used at IPC for about 18 months which has been very successful.


Love to hear more about it

We're thinking of finding ways for people to post their HERO stories like this. Do you have a write up for it already?


Here's a link

Here's a link about our Yammer project that is available on Yammer's web site:

Roie Edery, the person quoted in the Yammer case study, worked closely with Yammer on that project. Roie is also developing video production capability for IPC, and in general has a fair amount of expertise about the web and social media.