Hello People, BlackBerry Is The Killer Enterprise Device Today

Ted-Schadler by Ted Schadler

Sigh. I guess it was to be expected, but the Apple opinionsphere has been overstating the case for iPhone. Based on the careful research that we did, we do think that iPhone is ready for the enterprise to consider. But that doesn't mean other mobile devices aren't more enterprise-worthy.

And if you you think iPhone case studies are falling out of the trees like acorns in autumn, trust me -- they'renot. It was hard to find three companies willing to talk opening about their iPhone experiences. In fact, it took me almost six months to find those brave souls.

So, let's be clear:

BlackBerry is the dominant mobile device for the enterprise in the US and will be for the foreseeable future. In fact, I wrote about BlackBerry's mobile collaboration platformlast fall. BlackBerry is a great platform for mobile collaboration because of its security, network, manageability, form factor choice, global carrier support, ISV experience, and superior messaging capabilities.

We hear from many Forrester clients that they would have to pry BlackBerrys out of the "cold dead fingers" of their employees. That says something about how important that device is to productivity.

So while iPhone's the disrupter with a superior browser and a first-to-market application store, no firm should replace BlackBerry or Nokia or Palm or Windows Mobile with iPhones. Instead, they should listen to their constituencies (a.k.a, their workforce) and support the mobile devices that employees demand.

Full stop.

Disagree. Feel free to share an experience-based (not just an opinion-based) story.


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Ted,First off, I think folks have to support both Blackberry and iPhone.Also, I agree that the Blackberry is the dominant platform for enterprise mobile usage.But what's not apparent in your post is the fact that in enterprises where smartphones are being driven by bottom-up rather than top-down initiatives, the iPhone is dominant.How many people out there buy a Blackberry for personal use? How many buy an iPhone.If companies haven't already standardized on the Blackberry, expect heavy pressure from end users, including execs, to support the iPhone.

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The plural of BlackBerry is BlackBerry devices or BlackBerry Smartphones.

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Thanks for the comments. I fixed the title to make it singular. But let's face it, BlackBerry is now a proper noun and as such it can be made plural with an S. RIM should be proud that their product has displaced the fruit as the most relevant meaning of the word blackberry. It's a killer brand!I think the question about what product individuals would prefer to buy is the right one to ask, Chris.It is my view that enterprise IT organizations need to listen more carefully to the needs, wants, and frustrations of their workforce. And if a critical mass of people want an iPhone (or a Netbook running Skype for that matter), they should try and support it.The trend of technology populism or consumerization is on the rise. IT has already lost control over how workforces find and use technology -- it just hasn't fully internalized that reality yet. iPhone is just one example among many. YouTube, Facebook, memory sticks, iPod Touches, and Twitter are just some of the most recent examples of consumer technology being harnessed for business.