US Online Holiday Sales Will Be Higher Than Ever, Despite Noticeable Challenges

Forrester predicts that US online retail sales will reach $89 billion during the 2014 holiday shopping season. Shoppers turn to the Web during the time-pressed period between November and December to avoid crowds, lines, and, in many cases, higher prices. This holiday season, eCommerce will experience a boom in the number of online buyers, as the holiday season is a strong opportunity for new customer acquisition, and online wallet share, as seasoned online consumers are growing more comfortable and reliant on the practice. 

However, the expected growth is not as high as it could be due to a few unique constraints. A shorter than average holiday selling season, defined by the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, limits shoppers in the time during which they can take advantage of the deep discounts they expect. Further, the expected increase in volume of online sales will push the already constrained carrier networks. Forrester estimates that nearly seven times more eCommerce packages are shipped daily in the two weeks before Christmas than daily between the months of January and October. Last year, FedEx and more notably UPS had a high number of late deliveries due to unprecedented package volume and poor weather that caused buildups at critical times. With the expected 13% increase in eCommerce sales in 2014 for the months of November and December as compared to the same period in 2013, retailers and consumers must recognize the risk of shipping delays.

Among other recommendations found in the US Holiday Forecast, 2014, Forrester recommends that eBusiness and channel strategy professionals in retail promote aggressive discounts early in the holiday shopping period to combat these concerns. This will spur online buyers to shop early, easing the pressure on the limited carrier capacity that intensifies at the end of December. Further, late shoppers are the ones more likely to pay for shipping upgrades to minimize risk of late deliveries, as time sensitively takes precedence over price consciousness for some shoppers as the holidays approach. 


Thanks Sucharita. Can you

Thanks Sucharita. Can you throw some light on how the retailers (online and brick and mortar) are tackling the last mile problem of shipping/delivery.

Click and Collect

One way to extend the selling season, and free up capacity on carrier networks is to use collect from store/click and collect services. This not only minimises extra deliveries (as purchases are sent through existing distribution channels to local stores), but also increases footfall, and unlocks additional in-store revenues. More on how that is working in the UK in this Eptica blog post

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Thanks sucharita for this blog.. Holiday shopping is now a days becoming trending in online shopper. In-spite of varities viewer finds wide range of riview about a particular product make it simple the pros and cons of that product.

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Online purchase on holidays

Thanks sucharita for the information, yes everyone using internet for shopping. In holidays it will be more. There are many new shopping blogs, the people need time to select the things they need, so they prefer holidays to shop. See one of my blog post of discount coupouns


Very true Online shopping has

Very true Online shopping has increased a lot. In Holiday time like cyber Monday, Black Friday,Christmas etcc. Huge sales because there will lot of offers deals coupons with huge discounted and through away price will be there.Nice article keep sharing !!!

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