Behind The Scenes Of The WCM Wave For Digital Customer Experience

David Aponovich and I recently published a Forrester Wave™ on web content management for digital customer experience. In this videocast, David and I talk about how we did the research that went into the report, how the market has evolved since the last version of the report, the biggest surprises from our findings, and highlights (and lowlights) from customer references for the evaluated products.



Do we have the next Charlie Rose in the house?

Do we have the next Charlie Rose in the house? Great to see some context explained about the report. Nice job.

Ha - not quite.

But it's fun to experiment with different forms of content delivery. Mike Gualtieri has done a nice job with his podcasts and videocasts that cover various big data issues, if you haven't seen those yet.

Thanks for the comment.

An excellent job . Quite

An excellent job . Quite interesting .

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing