ITSM Practitioner Health Check: The ITSM Community Strikes Back

A while ago, in fact too long ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away), I wrote a blog called Giving Back To The IT Service Management Community where I surmised that IT service management (ITSM) practitioners need help beyond the ITIL books and associated training. They need real-world help; whether this is by way of guidance, quick-start templates to prevent the “reinvention of the wheel,” benchmarks, or by other means. And that, while some members of the ITSM community already offer help, what practitioners really need is to be offered targeted and focused help. A response that is practitioner “pull” rather than helper “push.”

In short, I proposed that we need to do at least five things (as a community) to help:

  1. Recognize that we are a community and a community that often struggles with the same issues (particularly with ITIL adoption).
  2. Offer up our time to help out others (and often ourselves).
  3. Identify where our efforts need to be applied (for example with the creation of a set of standard (core) ITSM metrics and benchmarks).
  4. Deliver on our promises to the ITSM community.
  5. Never stop trying to improve our collective ITSM capabilities and the quality of delivered IT and business services.

The response to this “call to arms” has been magnificent, and I believe that bullets 1 and 2 have been achieved. So it is onto bullet three – the identification of where help is actually needed.

To achieve this, we have created an ITSM Practitioner Health Check in conjunction with the itSMF UK. It is deliberately not called a “survey” and requires minimal effort to complete. Depending on how long you want or need to think about your responses it should take just a few minutes.

Please take the Health Check here: <<<THE HEALTH CHECK IS NOW CLOSED>>>

The health check requires no log-in and is anonymous. The responder details collected are purely to provide the ability to slice-and-dice the captured information in multiple ways.

Please, please, please take the time to action the Health Check and pass it on via email to colleagues who might not play in the Twitter-verse or in blog-land. Also please retweet this if you are a Tweeter.

Finally, please note that this is not a Forrester or an itSMF UK initiative; it is an ITSM Community initiative. We don’t own it. YOU own it. Your input will ultimately be the deciding factor as to what we (the ITSM Community) can achieve for the benefit of all. Please help set the agenda.


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So, how do we do that?

Where do we start with #3?

You're thinking we need a list of topics that our effort need be applied to and then a central repository a la wikipedia that we collectively work on to share information, collaborate and ultimately agree to disagree?

Topics yes, wiki no (sort of) ...

... Steering clear of an information repository and hopefully the LinkedIn Groups effect.

The honest answer is that I have no idea where we will end up but I envisage a hub-and-spoke set-up where both needs and solutions are pushed in and out to people as they need them.

Hopefully, the itSMF (any flavor), SDI, HDI, or other ITSM/customer service body can/will play a big part in organizing the information share along with operating a process that is identify need, identify what we already have, identify people to create new content as needed, sense check content, and disseminate the output. Maybe feedback on the end.

The important thing is that the content can come from anywhere within reason: practitioners, trainers, consultants, analysts, and hopefully vendors. Where possible leveraging what has already been created.

There will of couse need to be a home for this information but I see it more about the process of responding to needs than stacking up information willy-nilly style.

Does this make sense? I don't have all the answers yet but I am hopeful that we can collectively help and that we will evolve how it works in a Darwinian way.