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Why the iPhone presages the end of the TV Remote Control

Headshotxsmall by James McQuivey, Ph.D.

I've spent some time using Verizon's new system for controlling my DVR using the PC. It's an immense time saver. It's being billed as a great way to schedule DVR recordings from the office -- which it can certainly do -- but it's really useful for doing things quickly that normally require tedious hours with the remote control. Things like picking your list of 20 favorite channels from the 599 available channels without scrolling through them all. Or setting your parental controls, or even deleting hours of HD DVR recordings to make room for American Idol, er, I mean, some show much more sophisticated than that.

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The Millennials Drive Innovation In The New Economy

by Claire Schooley

Claire-Schooley This new generation of workers born between 1980 and 2000 is very different from those workers of previous generations. Millennials are naturally adept with technology. They figure out how a new application or a particular device works—and they like the challenge. They live in online communities and are remarkable in their outreach to others through microblogging, social networks, text messaging, instant messaging, etc. One Millennial said to me recently, “Email is too slow. I use it only when I have to write something formal.” They are not afraid to say what they think. They respect older generations for their experience and knowledge, but Millennials are fearless in challenging them with other perspectives.

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IT Partnerships - Do You Understand The Terms Anymore?

Introducing a new partner-type Lingua Franca for the new era

By Peter O'Neill

We have been getting numerous inquiries from both vendor and user clients about the strange collection of terms used to describe partners in our industry.
What is a "Preferred Partner"? Who prefers them and why should that be important to me the buyer.     Or what does "Advanced Partner" mean?
So we looked at the partner-taxonomy for 16 different IT vendors and, lo and behold, it is truly a mess!

Of course, compared with other industries, the IT industry is still relatively young and we are still more influenced by technology than business trends - so most decisions of this type are still made by technology experts with only occasional business-savvy. The partnerships that IT vendors develop and communicate tend to reflect their bias.

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SUN / Oracle: Is It The Consolidation-Blues Or A Game Changer?

Xing-white By Stefan Ried

The blogsphere on the Oracle/Sun deal has been hot for the past two days and the Forrester team has just gotten off the phone with Ed Screven, Larry’s Chief Corporate Architect to learn more on the background. Actually Oracle’s commitment, the market reaction, and our analysis provides far too much content to cover in one report or even a quick blog. It will end up in various Forrester reports according to your role:

For infrastructure and operations professionals, James has already unveiled the impact on SUN’s installed base. Everybody operating a Sun hardware based data center is scared by the mere possibility that Oracle might sell the hardware part of Sun. See his blog here. 

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Embrace "Lean BPM" To Keep Your BPM Initiative On Track In 2009

by Clay Richardson

Clay_Richardson According to The Economist, 2009 will be the year of the CFO.   After reading Lucy Kellaway’s article in The Economist earlier this year, I can’t seem to shake this image in my head of a maniacal axe-wielding CFO’s lopping off departmental budgets. A la the French Revolution, “off with their heads!”  Except with the CFO it’s more like “off with their bloated budgets!” Hmmm, doesn’t seem to have the same ring as the French Revolution mantra.

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Yet Another Cloud – How Many Clouds Do We Need?

A proposed cloud taxonomy.

Everything as a service (XaaS) and Yet Another cloud! The cloud
is the buzzword du jour.

Unfortunately vendors are increasingly confusing customers as too many different
things are related to cloud computing. We’d like to start a public discussion
around the number and structure of cloud computing categories. Discussions with
Forrester clients and among Forrester analysts turned out that not only the
technical capabilities or the network topology is the major dimension for a
differentiator. It is also the role of the corresponding IT professional. A
specific technical cloud infrastructure for example, cloud be called by a
vendor strategist simply a “private cloud”, but might get two different names from
the IT operations professional depending on an internal or external sourcing

Forrester already explored various cloud trends, SaaS and
PaaS technologies and business application.

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The cloud became even more attractive for ISVs this week.


As many ISVs and vendors of business applications have
subscribed this vendor strategy blog of Forrester, I’d like to share two important
announcement of this week with you. Both will make business applications in the
cloud more attractive and enable ISVs to reach more people with their cloud deployment.

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Podcast: Information Management Trends To Watch In 2009

Our latest featured podcast is Matt Brown's "Information Management Trends To Watch In 2009."

In this podcast, Matt discusses five key trends that Forrester believes will have a significant impact on information management in 2009, including the rise of cloud computing services, and what’s going to happen to social software and Web 2.0 this year.

We look forward to your questions and comments.


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See you in Orlando: Forrester's Upcoming Marketing Forum, April 23-24, 2009

JeremiahOwyang[Posted by Jeremiah K. Owyang]

The Forrester team is gearing up for yet another great Marketing Forum, this time, in Orlando, Florida. We've carefully selected speakers to take on the hard topics of the recession, ROI, and taking risks.

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