US Consumer Wearables Forecast (2017-2022) Shows Smartwatches Will Drive Sales

Personal wearable devices adoption in the US rapidly increased in 2014 and 2015. But, Forrester’s US Consumer Wearables Forecast (2017-2022) shows that the market is now maturing and undergoing consolidation. The devices which offer higher utility to users will grow while devices offering lower utility gradually diminish in importance. This means that:

·         Future of wearables lies in smartwatches: Smartwatches are getting smarter every year. They now have a better and more intuitive user interface. The app ecosystem is also rapidly improving. For example, even cheaper smartwatches can now track your health and exercise with a high degree of accuracy. NFC payments at a superstore checkout also have greater traction as more stores now have required technology (this essentially involves using a mobile payment service such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay installed on a smartwatch to pay). Newer software, such as Android Wear 2.0, offers great speech recognition capabilities and make the negative of small screen space redundant. Using Siri on Apple Smartwatches and, now, Google Assistant on Android Smartwatches (with Android Wear 2.0) you can search the web, manage appointments, holidays and e-mails. As the utility delivered by smartwatches grows and app ecosystem matures, the adoption and sales are likely to increase rapidly.

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