Forrester's IT Forum 2011 Puts You In The Driver Seat

IT leaders are at a crossroads. To thrive in today's -- and tomorrow's -- rapidly changing digital world, they must move beyond the elusive idea of business and IT alignment, where business leaders are in the driver seat and IT leaders play a supporting and lagging role. Rather than plodding along in alignment, it's time to jump in the copilot seat. It's time to lock arms with their business peers to better serve customers, bring new products to market, and ultimately grow the top line. Our charter for Forrester’s IT Forum 2011 is to help you do just that -- build bridges to new business partners, scale innovative solutions, co-create business and technology strategy, and ultimately help your organization accelerate at the intersection of business and technology.

Forrester's IT Forum 2011But let's be honest. All this talk of linking arms and co-creation may sound good and may be the ticket to your organization's success. But it's hard. Who's to say it will work? And by the way, what's in it for you? That's why Marc Cecere will dedicate IT Forum's opening keynote to exploring future models for IT that will fundamentally change current roles in IT. These models will support greater end user involvement, a larger variety of external suppliers, and the need to break down internal organizational and system silos. He'll also relate that back to what we've learned over the years about why certain IT roles -- like architecture, planning, vendor management, PMO, and security -- often fail (or at least struggle mightily) to arm you with clear steps that will help accelerate your personal career over the next decade.

Several other Forrester analysts will also be taking the keynote stage. Patrick Connaughton will introduce the concept of agile vendor orchestration that every IT manager should adopt to keep up with the dizzying pace of self-provisioning. And Jeffrey Hammond will facilitate a mobile panel discussion with analysts Ted Schadler, Ben Gray, and Julie Ask that digs into the tough questions to help you move forward in the midst of mobile uncertainty.

We'll also hear from top CIOs and CTOs that are already accelerating at the intersection of business and technology. IT Forum in Las Vegas will include keynotes from Warren Ritchie of Volkswagen, Eric Gebhardt of GE Energy Services, David Reilly of Morgan Stanley, Linda Jojo of Energy Future Holdings, and Walter Oswald of Motorola Mobility. IT Forum EMEA in Barcelona will include keynotes from Kevin Summers of Whirlpool, Magne Frantsen of Statoil, and Giulio Mattietti from the Vatican Bank.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and Barcelona!


Nice one Sharyn, looking

Nice one Sharyn, looking forward to this

Can you have a successful marriage when living apart? Maybe, as an exception to the rule. I always failed to understand why BU-IT separation would favour anyone else but vendors and system integrators

Still, it has happened, and damage has been done. Yet, accountability needs to get aligned back with responsibility

Future of IT will have to

Future of IT will have to incorporate more High Performance and Cloud Computing - not just as buzzwords on Power Point slides or in marketing material, but as truly integral components of all companies IT infrastructure.

IT Driving Business - not just Operating

We hear a lot about IT and Business alignment, which I completely disagree with. This is the only industry I can think of where we talk about one group needing to align to it’s business. What I equate this with are the youngsters that show up at work these days and tell me what their work schedule will be and what they will do. I shake my head and think when did this change? You go to work and do what you are told and work toward the common goals of the business, why has IT always been different and why? Read more on this topic here -->

Great to hear the news of the conference, I think the time for change has finally come for IT.

Michele Hudnall @HudnallsHuddle @BSMHub