HubSpot Investment Validates Online Marketing Suite Model For SMBs

I first got to know HubSpot last summer when I was researching for the report: "Interactive Marketing Priorities For SMBs."  Born out of MIT’s Sloan School in 2006, HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing suite for small businesses. It provides blog building, content management, SEO, email marketing, lead management and social media tools, templates, and reporting for marketers at small and medium-sized companies. The model? To provide automated solutions for multiple marketing functions together in an easy-to-use system, tailored for the SMB market. Forrester loves the idea of the online marketing suite, so we think HubSpot’s approach is right-on.

Well, HubSpot just announced today that it has two new investors: Google and

To me this investment signifies two things:

1)  Google wants to expand its reach into marketing budgets of small companies, many of whom currently use mostly local search. I've said before that I think Google is moving away from its core search business and into expanded media opportunities like television media. I think this investment is further evidence of Google's expanding priorities, now into the SMB market.

2) Both Google and are placing bets on the HubSpot model. For years, small business marketing has been a nut that no one has quite cracked. National search engines a la Google and Yahoo don't have relationships with local media or SMB advertisers. Yellow pages providers and local newspapers have local relationships, but not national ones, nor do they have the technology chops to scale a solution for smaller advertisers. And existing marketing automation tools like have focused more on enterprise than on SMB. This investment certainly shows that Google and are banking on automation to unlock the SMB opportunity.


Online Marketing Suites Rock!

Thanks for the additional insights Shar - we at HubSpot wholly agree with Forrester's perspective on suites of software to make marketers' lives easier - we do want to be the 'hub' for all things marketing.

Given that so many are starting to look toward the SMB space I hope to see continued increases in SMB coverage by analysts like yourselves and think this marketplace will heat up ... just as we are taking it by storm.

HubSpotter @kirstenpetra

Hubspot - the new industry gorilla

Hubspot is arguably the best B2B content marketing company on Earth. Free tools like and grader for Twitter, Foursquare, etc. are great ways of bring in prospective customers. And Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing, invests in content rather than expenses (advertising). They also host a Friday online TV show with featured guests (i was the guest back on 11/19/2010.)

They have always strive to provide a complete SMB solution. Their growth has been outstanding. But with this additional capital, the sky is the limit for them.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
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I agree, I think Google will

I agree, I think Google will buy more and more small companies and invest heavily in social marketing. Facebook is a great competitor and will soon attack Google nr1 position. Google must feel the pressure.