Still Nothing Happening in Mobile Marketing

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

I'm at an event in Europe.

Sponsored by Nokia.

And still only talk about the "eventual opportunity" of mobile marketing. 

A panel moderated by Tom Henriksson, Head of Nokia Interactive, starring Ethan Stock, CEO of Zvents -- a local online promotions enabler, Mark Reed, Director of Strategy at WPP, and Prinz Pinkatt, Manager of interactive marketing at Coca Cola EU was happy to discuss the existing challenges with mobile marketing:

Handsets --  Their size, ability to facilitate interactivity limit marketer applications
Data -- Ownership and structure of consumer data is still in flux
Operators -- Operator cooperation with manufacturers, media firms and advertisers is still inconsistent
Standards -- Definitions of ad formats, impressions, metrics, costs are all still under development

We've heard these challenges before.  (See also this post from my colleague Nate Elliott ).  But I'm still waiting for some real grit around progress made toward knocking off some of these issues.  The panel sentiment was that it would just "take time" to overcome these hurdles.  And that starting small with SMS or MMS based messaging programs can be a great place to start with mobile.  (Prinz said Coke EU has seen a strong 4% opt in to My Coke Rewards via text response to invites on product packaging).

I believe in the promise of mobile marketing.  In fact, some one on one conversations at this event have quickened my pulse around mobile applications that I think will transform consumer relationships with marketers and financial institutions (see upcoming blog post on NFC).  But I'm still waiting for mobile to become a primetime marketing tool.  Thirteen months after my 2009 IM Forecast, it feels like mobile marketing adoption is still two years out.

Prove me wrong!  What progress do you see toward tackling present challenges to mobile marketing adoption?  What mobile campaigns have you tried that have worked well for you?  What did you do that made mobile work?  When do you think mobile will matter as a mainstream marketing tool?



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I believe I've run into Mobile Marketing and he mentioned that his name is Godot.

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I believe that mobile marketing has a golden future ahead of it. But the problem is still that it is very difficult to create mass media application or mobile websites, as there are way too many mobile devices, with their own OS, and screen sizes. I believe that the market is expanding, and we'll need a more standardized format in order to push those type of marketing campaign.

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Pete -- I'm still laughing about your post!

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I agree, it seems like we've been hearing about this for years. My newest thought is that the wave of new devices that access the regular internet should help bridge the gap between what companies are doing today for interactive marketing and what they should be doing for mobile. If it becomes easier to replicate that effort, then the adoption will follow.I just got a Blackberry Bold and amongst the other things that I love about it is the full browsing capability of the phone. As more and more phones offer this, I would bet that mobile becomes a more prominent part of the media mix and will be less independent as a channel.And Peter, your comment was hilarious.

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I like to think about and develop ideas (whacky / incorrect - who knows) in general about digital marketing but when it comes to mobile marketing I am stumped. Owing to the mobile phone and the way people interact with them, I think there is a real possibility of messing things up (i.e people could find any kind of ads / promotion on mobile phones a bit annoying), long-term, if people in marketing don't get things right at the beginning.

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I had to check the date on this post to make sure I had the right year.Mobile web is here. Wake up and smell the coffee. :–)No, it hasn't eaten a huge share of any budgets yet, but this really was the year mobile web arrived.'The Best & Worst of the Mobile Web' eBook summarises a lot of the excellent sites out there: yes, I had something to do with this eBook but this is NOT backlink spam -- it really should be relevant to anyone into mobile marketing. Fell free to comment negatively if you read it and disagree!).

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Hi Doug -- Thanks very much for your comments. I'm always on the look out for good examples of marketers running smart interactive programs...especially in mobile where the pickings are slim. Would love to see any successful case studies you can share!

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The eBook is full of good mobile sites, but one of my favourites is, the mobile version of the restaurant guide.Also