The Big Deal About Big Data for Customer Engagement — We Are Keen To Hear From You!

We’ve all heard, spoken about, or at least mentioned big data as a key trend for the technology industry in the past year. While it’s a no-brainer that big data is definitely affecting businesses today, little has been said about its relevance and how it affects consumer engagement. In an effort to make sense of this hype and decode the impact of big data on organizations’ relationships with customers, I’ve decided to write a report entitled “The Big Deal About Big Data For Customer Engagement.” Yes, big data is definitely a big deal — in fact, it’s a bigger deal if not handled with prudence!

To better understand this space, I’m keen to engage with both vendors and senior decision-makers at organizations that are either currently grappling with big data or planning to launch a project to manage this situation.

Once I hear from you, I or one of my colleagues will reach out to you with a premise document that covers the main questions that I would like to discuss with you during the course of a 30-minute interview. Just to share with you, we are looking at conducting these interviews over the next month. It goes without saying — but it’s best when said — we will honor all requests for confidentiality and will send you a copy of the report when it is published.

Please leave a comment with your contact details or send me an email at sgogia (at) forrester (dot) com.


Is Big data a fast growing trend?

Hi Sanchit,

What is it that you are looking at big data to become a big trend in the recent years? Is it as fast growing as other top trends like cloud, mobility, etc?


It's not either/or

Hey Anuj! Thanks for stopping by. You make an interesting point there - Imho, it's definitely not about either/or but about the confluence of these trends coming together.

BI / analytics role

This I guess would also mean that the demand of high level BI / analytics would also be affected, positively, since this huge data would need to be analyzed efficiently for generating desired results?