Designing in a high-resoultion!

I’m Richard Gans, a Researcher on Forrester’s Customer Experience team.  Ron Rogowski and I just published some research about designing sites to work in a high-resolution world.  What did we find? The good old days of having simple choices for what size screen to optimize your site for are long over.  Now, the majority of screens have surpassed 1024x768 with no single standard resolution in sight.



You might be thinking, "this trend isn’t new, so why should we be concerned about it now?"  The answer is that the continuing proliferation of screen resolutions makes it harder to optimize site design.  On top of that, this high-resolution world exacerbates common usability challenges, such as leading to decreased text legibility, morphed layouts, and camouflaged content.  It is more important than ever to consider how user experiences differ as higher resolutions become available and even more commonplace.

To get more details on tips to help you optimize sites to accommodate multiple resolutions, please access the full report at Forrester’s site.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments on this report.


re: Designing in a high-resoultion!

The problem is not only with higher screen resolutions but with lower ones as well. The proliferation of mobile (or smart) phones with different screen resolutions makes it equally harder to optimize the design. As designers and developers, we do not know how these software will be accessed.There are technologies such as zoomable user interface available to ensure consistency in user experience ( I have discussed in detail in my blog post: It is important to consider the user experience on different screen resolutions and optimize the websites.

re: Designing in a high-resoultion!

With the supposed explosion in usage of netbooks (most of them with low-res panels) and the iPhone/iPod Touch I'm surprised that the 800x600 and below resolutions have dropped off so quickly. Do you think we will see an increase in late 2009/2010 for the lower resolutions and will you be looking into how best to tackle a polarised world of hi-res & low-res users?

An interesting blog entry - many thanks!