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The retail industry is doing fine — consumer spending is healthy; the jobs market is strong. Fears of a downturn loom, but not right now. So, what ails retail? The root of the pain is a simple problem. Many retailers struggle to re-orient operations to meet customer expectations. Those that do this well take share and are restating minimum expectations for experience and value. Hyperpersonalization, instant gratification, and perpetual accessibility are becoming the benchmark. Yes, CX; yes, digital; and yes, harmonization of physical and digital; but it’s mostly about building and invigorating a distinctive value to the customer that will treat what hurts.

Retail Solutions

Remaking Retail Loyalty

Too many retail loyalty programs are expressions of merchant relationships and priorities. They are about the next transaction — often delivered by sterile emails. They have little to do with creating differentiated experiences on the customer’s terms. And the results show. These programs are failing to capture customers’ imaginations and, ultimately, loyalty — eroding the economic power of loyalty.

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Brand Experience

Consumer behavior and disruptors — large and small — are remaking the retail industry. The challenge is to catch up or fit in a way that affirms a distinctive brand — to not lose “you” in the pursuit of strategy. With fewer opportunities for product differentiation and the limited effectiveness of loyalty, delivering a brand experience that wins hearts, minds, and spend looms as the central challenge.

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Turn Customer Feedback Into Action

Monitor and improve your CX with FeedbackNow.

The Future Of Retail: Part Three

Learn how to partner with tech titans and transform into an insights-driven organization.

Retail Insights


Lessons from CES 2019: Moving Martech From Sidecar to Driver’s Seat

Too often, tech is bolted on to a brand strategy, rather than a key consideration. VP & Principal Analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee discusses why this must change and what this year’s CES tells us about the future of brand experiences.

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Smart Retail eCommerce Shopping Features And What We Can Learn From Them

Buying the wrong fit and wrestling with a cumbersome checkout process can deflate customer energy. Discover how new tools from Patagonia, Everlane, Alibaba, and others streamline and simplify.

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Fiona Swerdlow

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Brendan Witcher

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