The Data Digest: Magazine Readership On Digital Devices

This week the news broke that Newsweek, one of the most recognized magazine brands in the world, will cease publishing its print edition after nearly 80 years and go all digital in 2013. The news got quite a bit of attention globally — it even made it into the printed edition of a Dutch newspaper. Of course, this didn’t come as a complete surprise, and Forrester has published enough about digital disruption and the media meltdown to know that newspapers and magazines have to change their strategy.

But the news got me wondering to what extent consumers use their digital devices for media consumption at this moment. Forrester’s North American Technographics® Media And Advertising Online Benchmark Survey, Q3 2012 (US) shows that about one-fifth of US online adults consume magazine content digitally, meaning they visit magazine websites or read digital publications.

This is lower than for newspapers, where about one-third of the US online population reads newspapers digitally — and 14% digital only (compared with 5% for magazines). Those who read digital magazines only are far more likely to be male, the average age skews younger than 35 years old, and only one-quarter of them regularly spend money on magazines.

My colleague James McQuivey blogged yesterday about why every company can be and eventually must be a digital disruptor. Are you getting ready?


This digital cross-over was

This digital cross-over was bound to happen sooner or later unfortunately. The world is ran by technology. The current generation is all about Ipods, Smartphones and Facebook. More people are on the go and the convenient access of pulling up an article, magazine or newspaper on your Smartphone digitally is too good to turn down. The culture is changing and changing your strategy as a newspaper publisher or magazine publisher to fit the needs or the wants of this current culture is apparent. Not too many people wake up to morning coffee and a newspaper anymore. Times have definitely changed.

I have always agreed that the

I have always agreed that the world is taken over by technology. Companies are coming out with the latest technology for advancement for people and business industries. Local newspapers could go out of business one of these days. Not a lot of people will pay for newspaper anymore because they can read it online. Most people are computer or smartphone saavy now and there are apps for local news or magazines. This generation is all about the latest technology so newspaper and magazines have to come up with solutions in staying in business.

I agree Adam. You made some

I agree Adam. You made some great points. Companies are starting to realize this trend and would rather change their strategy rather than keep doing business the way they have been for years and risk losing market share or going out of business completely. We can see what happened with stores such as Borders. Not enough interest is placed in having something tangible in front of you that you can flip one page after another.