Introducing Forrester's Market Insights Professionals Community

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Forrester has launched an online community for Market Insights Professionals today. This community will focus on the key business challenges that Market Insights Professionals face every day. The community is a place for Market Insights Professionals to exchange ideas, opinions, and real-world solutions with each other. Forrester analysts will be part of the community, helping facilitate the discussions and sharing their views, but it will be mainly your peers who post discussion topics and share their success stories, lessons learned, and best practices.

The community is open to all Market Insights Professionals, whether you’re a Forrester client or not. Join Market Insights professionals from companies like for example Verizon, Research in Motion, The Hearst Corp., Premera Blue Cross, and Tivo and see what your peers have to say on current discussion topics like:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these (and others!).

The objective of the community is to make all of us a bit smarter by sharing our knowledge. Click here to go to Forrester’s online community for Market Insights Professionals and bookmark it for easy reference. I look forward to seeing you in the community.


What is your differentiator?

What is your differentiator? There are tons, too many, of similar groups out there. Tell us why this one is better.

What makes the Forrester MI community different?

thanks for reaching out. Yes, there are other groups, especially on LinkedIn, already discussing research topics. Our objective is that we'd like to offer a platform for knowledge sharing for Forrester clients and non-clients. Our differentiator is that we bring a network of over 200 Forrester experts to be part of the conversation, and we can give objective directions to the conversations based on our research or the interviews we do with all players in the industry.

We know from other role communities that were launched in October that the Forrester community triggers very strategic questions. We hope the MI community will develop into a similar role, and we're looking forward to some heated debate!

Hope this helps,