The Data Digest: Uptake Of Home Networks In Europe

With the adoption of more and more devices that can connect to Wi-Fi, it’s interesting to understand the uptake of home networks. Forrester's Technographics® data shows that 30% of online Europeans have already set up a wireless home network, and a further 11% are planning to get one in the next six months. The adoption of wireless home networks has grown in Europe since 2006, while the adoption of wired networks is declining (dropping from 12% in 2006 to 6% in 2009).

Three-quarters of online Europeans with a wireless home network share an Internet connection among multiple PCs, and 17% have already connected their PC to their TV set. Wireless networks are especially popular among families and multiple-PC households: 86% of wireless home network owners have more than one PC at home, and 40% have children living at home.



From having lived in Italy for 3.5 years, I can see how the older buildings would not lend themselves to easy wiring changes. Is that one significant reason why this trend exists?

Here in the US, there was a scare a few years ago about too many radio signals causing physical damage. Has this been forgotten, or are we just getting lazy and using wireless connections because they are easier than wiring?