The Data Digest: US Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the largest offline retail categories but our Technographics data shows that it has one of the lowest online retail penetration figures in the US: Less than 10% of online adults have purchased groceries online and only 16% of online grocery buyers purchase groceries online more than once a month.

Consumers who are using online grocery sites are turning to them for reasons like convenience, lower prices, and selection:



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One could get the different online shopping store provide same products so that price should be compared and one could get the desired product at the possible cheapest rates.

re: The Data Digest: US Online Grocery Shopping

I wonder if grocery shopping online is the wave of the future. I still think there is nothing like visiting a store with a bunch of delicious food on the shelves. Though online grocery shopping is a great option for some people.

Michael Benti

re: The Data Digest: US Online Grocery Shopping

Thanks Michael for your comment. There's definitely a look-and-feel factor in grocery shopping. A recent report on this topic by Sucharita Mulpuru, called 'Who Buys Groceries Online And Why?' shows that more than half of grocery buyers wouldn't buy diary, eggs or cheese online and more than 40% no vegetables or meat.

But while Web grocery is an emerging category in the US, UK retailer like Tesco and French retailer Auchan have managed to create promising models of efficient, local delivery (including selling fresh food). Have a look at for more information.