Event Report: CDI-MDM Summit, San Francisco, CA

by Ray Wang.

Rob Karel and I recently had a chance to not only visit, but also co-moderate a panel on Data Governance at the CDI-MDM conference on March 26th and 27th at the San Francisco Marriott.  Though master data management/ customer hub pentetration in the enterprise still hovers in the high single digits, its obvious the energy, activity, and investment around MDM continues to grow.  Some quick observations from speaking with attendees and vendors at the event:

  • Clients and vendors overwhelmed most of the hierarchy management and data governance sessions
  • Vendors seemed to outnumber clients throughout the event
  • Clients who came remained at the technical level
  • However, projects were beginning to require a higher level of executive sponsorship
  • Effective change management was beginning to become a critical success factor in all sizes of projects
  • Customer data integration projects (this is biased given the nature of the event) dominated discussions
  • Other entity types such as products and accounts gain importance in ancillary projects

In general this event was a great chance to catch up with others evangelizing, pursuing, and/or implementing MDM tools and solutions.  And as always, it was great to see familiar faces from DataFlux, Initiate, Siperian, Oracle, Pursima, IBM, VisionWare and i2 at the event.  Special thanks to Aaron Zornes at the CDI-MDM institute.

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re: Event Report: CDI-MDM Summit, San Francisco, CA

Ray & Rob --You forgot to mention that you co-moderated a data governance panel as the "dynamic duo"!As conference chairman (who micro-analyzes the attendee data) and a fellow research analyst, I'd like to share some data points to augment your observations.(1) Each CDI-MDM SUMMIT event in North America represents over $1.5M in investments for attendee conference tickets, vendor sponsorships, and related T&E of attendees. Every event we have held worldwide has sold out since our modest beginning (425 attendees at inaugural San Francisco event held March 2-3, 2006.(2) Users actually *outnumber* vendors. Our focus is on enterprise architects, data quality analysts, data stewards, and project leadership ... with a healthy sprinkling of business users as well.(3) At this stage of business uptake of CDI, MDM and data governance, it is expected that SIs and vendors need such cross-training as provided at this event as well. Indeed, "we are a growing community of practioners".(4) The actual post-conference numbers are:Users 293 47%Staff 16 3%Press/analysts 12 2%Speakers - users 32 5%Speakers - consultants 20 3%Speakers - vendors prod mgmt 34 6%Speakers - vendor exec mgmt 7 1%Sponsors - S/W vendors & SIs 203 33%Speaker - subtotal 93 15%TOTAL 617 100%Thanks for helping out!Aaron ZornesChief Research OfficerThe CDI-MDM InstituteandConference ChairmanThe CDI-MDM SUMMIT conference series