Navigating The Maze Of Mobile Commerce Solutions

Have you been sitting on the mobile commerce fence? Ready to make the jump? Good for you, but you may not be prepared for the maze of solutions and vendors at hand to help you implement your mCommerce strategy. The number of vendors and diversity of solutions in the market is quite staggering, and the search for the right solution may feel like shopping in a busy Moroccan market, with an overwhelming choice of wares and vendors bargaining hard for your dollars. Leaving with the right purchase is a daunting task.

However, before you rush into evaluating solutions and signing contracts, eBusiness professionals must take a step back and look at the different implementation paths open to them for mobile commerce. These are:

  1. Using technology from your existing eCommerce platform vendor.
  2. Outsourcing to your interactive agency or systems integration firm.
  3. Building it all in-house.
  4. Leveraging a mobile commerce point solution.

In my latest report, a market overview of mobile commerce solutions for retail, I look at 14 established mobile commerce point solutions that have particular strengths and a proven record of accomplishment in the retail sector. These vendors between them empower the mobile commerce sites and apps for an exhaustive list of who’s who in US and European retail. The report focuses on the respective strengths of the solutions with respect to the needs of retailers. The vendors we looked at were:

  • Branding Brand
  • Digby
  • Endeca Technologies
  • Global Bay Mobile Technologies
  • Kony Solutions
  • Moovweb
  • Netbiscuits
  • No Need 4 Mirrors
  • Sevenval
  • Siteminis
  • Skava
  • Unbound Commerce
  • Usablenet
  • Worklight

One of the key issues that eBusiness professionals face when evaluating these solutions is how to integrate them into the existing eCommerce platform and infrastructure. For many retailers, budgets are limited and resources from IT are scarce. Furthermore, there is a desire among those yet to embrace mobile commerce to get in the game, fast. Complex, lengthy integration projects are not in favor.

A range of integration options exist from screen scraping and transcoding of existing website content through to sophisticated, API-enabled integrations with backend platforms. This topic is not one the eBusiness professional usually tackles (deferring normally to IT counterparts), but a high-level understanding of the integration options available to them is paramount to short-listing the vendors they should be evaluating. I, therefore, encourage you to also read my accompanying report Integration Challenges For Mobile Commerce.

I hope these research reports are valuable, and I look forward to your comments. Forrester clients who are keen to learn more about these solutions and factors they should consider when choosing a mobile commerce technology should schedule an inquiry with me to discuss further.

Thanks, Peter



I think it is amiss to

I think it is amiss to exclude mobify from this list considering the length of time they have been in business and the clients they have.

Why is Mobify missing?

I agree with Mark -- why is Mobify missing?

Reviewing the list of companies included, Mobify are hands down the best option for retailers who want to get their website mobile optimized as fast as possible and without having to change their workflow, URLs or CMS.

Did you exclude them for any reason, Peter?

James - do you work for

James - do you work for mobify? It sounds a little like it.

Don't work for Mobify

HI Peter,

No, I don't work for Mobify.

I know the Mobify product and a number of the other competitors listed above -- Usablenet and Digby in particular -- because I've been doing analysis on mobile e-commerce.


Sorry, I meant "Mark," Mark.

Sorry, I meant "Mark," Mark. Thanks for asking.

Movylo Shop

I'm the founder of Movylo Shop ( We have not been considered even if we have partners like Paypal, Shopify,, MailChimp, Constant Contact and...we are published in all of their marketplaces.

The thing that I find "relevant" is that you say that it costs 20,000, while we charge $29/month to have a 100% customizable m-site + iPhone app + Android app.

Would love to hear why we haven't been even considered and I hope this doesn't sound like a rude question, is not my intention.

Missed the Most Power Mobile Solution

I have built several sites using I have tried 10 of the 14 you have listed and there is not one that I would use over I have built stores with 5000 products in 8 hours, used the built in iPhone App for a client to publish a free iPhone app with the mobile store.

The marketing is the most powerful and my clients are able to create their own groupon style promotions in minutes and it is integrated with Constant Contact and Mailchimp so my clients get to use their lists. You should check them out before you claim these to be the top 14.

As I said I have personally tried on behalf of my clients 10 of these and none matched what Plus it's cheep for the clients.