Umbria acquired by J.D. Power

[Posted by Peter Kim]

Congratulations in order this morning to Janet, Howard, and the rest of the team at Umbria.  The brand monitoring firm was acquired today by J.D. Power & Associates, the customer satisfaction research company.

The significance of this acquisition lies in the acquirer -
McGraw-Hill/JDPower is different type of company than Nielsen and TNS -
and will use brand monitoring differently.  One thing in common -
another brand monitoring brand name disappears.  Umbria will be folded
into their new parent company, while Buzzmetrics/Intelliseek have
disappeared into Nielsen Online and Cymfony now operates as part of TNS

I have a short research piece publishing soon for Forrester



re: Umbria acquired by J.D. Power

Thanks Peter for the news. Wow, all of the Buzz analytics companies are getting gobbled up. We definitely liked Umbria when we evaluated them. Their tools were very sophisticated. We also liked Radian6 recently, strong tool.

re: Umbria acquired by J.D. Power

Not sure if congrats are in order. Heard it was an asset sale.

re: Umbria acquired by J.D. Power

Hi Anon - if that's the case, then it's not surprising. I've also been told that the Cymfony was a break-even deal. I'm not an equity analyst so I'll keep my thoughts simple here - many vendors toe the line between being product and service companies. So the multiple you choose brings scalability into question, not to mention basic product/service effectiveness - because in most of social media, ROI remains hard to quantify. [However, MotiveQuest is doing some advanced work there.]In any case, getting a deal done is never simple, so some credit definitely still applies. If anyone has feedback from the halls of ICWSM 2008, would love to hear it.

re: Umbria acquired by J.D. Power

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