Questions for Richard Edelman?

Richard Edelman will be speaking about "Corporate Image In The Age Of Social Technologies" at Forrester's Consumer Forum.

I'm introducing him and moderating Q&A afterwards.

What questions do you want me to ask?  For anything asked, you'll most likely get a response via blog or twitter.

Keep in mind that I only have a couple of questions and then we'll
open it up to the audience to respond to the speech - but I'll do my
best to ask anything that comes in here and is relevant!



re: Questions for Richard Edelman?

I would love to hear Richard's thoughts on the following question:"Has the shift occurred yet with your corporate clients that we have to move away from reputation management to relationship management? In other words that the focus must be shifted from the corporate centric to the individual centric model?"

re: Questions for Richard Edelman?

Is there value to organizations creating their own social sites, or should they be putting that effort into joining third-party ones? What are the tradeoffs between the control of shaping the experience on your own site and the wider reach of participating in existing communities? What characteristics of organizations predict more success with one tactic or the other?

re: Questions for Richard Edelman?

I've just posted a ten question Q & A with Richard Edelman that you might find useful.

re: Questions for Richard Edelman?

With social media requiring a personal voice, is it possible for a PR firm to engage on behalf of a client and not become the story itself?