Taking branded entertainment up a notch

With the declining efficacy of the 30-second spot, more advertisers have been turning to branded entertainment.  Now, some players with big budgets are taking their efforts one step further.  Ford is mulling a reality show that's part American Inventor (the ideas), part America's Next Top Model (the aesthetics), part The Apprentice (the commercialization).  Procter & Gamble is planning a Martha Stewart-type show based on their Home Made Simple campaign.

Great strategy - if you have the money to do it.  Marketers should be careful though to not stray too far into the TV production business - it's a lot deeper than making commercials.  No word on whether networks will prevent competitive advertising during the shows - otherwise get ready for some interesting placements ala Domino's/Papa John's.  Either way, networks win.

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re: Taking branded entertainment up a notch

Television will continue to play a vital role in the advertising mix, along with OOH and digital. In fact, as channels become more integrated, the experience across media will become even better. No one doubts the impact of digital in the marketing mix.