Leadership Boards

You are not alone. Firms across the globe in every industry are adapting to a market with different rules and expectations, battling the same shifts in strategy and ways of operating. Leading change is hard to do alone; thought partners are critical when tackling a project, solving a problem, or fleshing out an idea. Fresh perspectives and practical advice from those who have walked in your shoes (and are free from the internal constraints and pressures you’re under) are an invaluable resource when tackling a key initiative.

Leadership Boards offer leaders and their teams an exclusive network of peers, analysts, and advisors to share, challenge, and co-create best practices to help you lead change in your organization.

Collaborate To Lead Change

  • Exchange ideas and collaborate with peers who are working on similar challenges and opportunities.
  • Enjoy a high-touch relationship with a dedicated advisor who can identify Forrester intellectual property and analysts who can provide immediate value.
  • Form lifelong relationships with face-to-face peer networking meetings, virtual group calls, customized 1:1s including: Offsite member meetings, group peer exchange phone calls, advisor check-in phone calls, and the Leadership Boards online community.
  • Accelerate learning with curated research and a Success Plan for your biggest initiatives.
  • Extend the gained knowledge and practical advice to your team through Team Access.

Leadership Board Councils

Technology Management

Our Advisors

Salman Sharif

Senior Advisor, Customer Experience Council

Su Doyle

Su Doyle

Senior Advisor, Marketing Council, Customer Experience Council

Caroline Hogan

Carrie Hogan

Principal Advisor, Digital Business Council

Jessica Burn

Principal Advisor, Security & Risk Council

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts

Senior Advisor, Technology Council

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