Digital Business 2014 Infographic

Following the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" we produced this infographic to support my keynote speech at the Technology Management Forum in Orlando (and the CMO CIO CX breakfast in Sydney). Feel free to tweet and share the unedited graphic. (Click image to download a higher res PDF; also free to share unedited).

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Ecosystems of Value


R/GA introduced the concept of Ecosystems of Value in a speech I gave in Cannes in 2011 (you can view the video on our website, At that time, I introduced the concept of a new business model for growth, "functional integration," to describe this new class of companies that were creating connected ecosystems of products and services that provided accretive value to consumers with each new "node" in the ecosystem. Then, Chris Stutzman and I wrote a book entitled Connected by Design, which was published in May by Wiley, where we talked about Functional Integration at length as a new way for companies to transform their businesses and create ecosystems of value through connected products and services. Sounds like we've been working on a similar concept. Your infographic is quite useful.

Barry Wacksman
EVP, Global Chief Growth Officer