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Social technology is certainly a hot topic, but for many CIOs the emergence of islands of social technology across the enterprise feels like a touch of déjà vu.
IT has been here before, having to clean up islands of automation that left organizations unable to coordinate information and react rapidly to changing market dynamics. Many organizations are already pressing ahead with multiple social media initiatives aimed at solving business or customer challenges — and that's preferable to doing nothing. But should CIOs help their organization step back and take a more strategic perspective on social technologies? By doing so, I believe CIOs can help avoid integration challenges down the road. 
I'm suggesting that the more mature organizations (where social technology is well-established) should begin to refocus social technology efforts in support of a broader business strategy. At the same time, IT needs to help ensure the technologies being deployed meet the technology architecture needs of the business of today and tomorrow.
This is the subject of a recent report called "Social Business Strategy." The research takes a strategic look at how organizations are using social technologies and reinforces the suggestion that CEOs need to establish a social business council. We need to think beyond point solutions in order to maximize competitive advantage.
If you are interested in learning more about how to apply social technologies for competitive advantage check out the new Social Business Strategy workshop.
What do you think? Does your organization have a social business council? Do you see one in your future?
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Socially Responsible IT

What a smart topic. Right away IT will think of it as a toy to support or something to clean up after as you comment. However, it could be redeeming for IT organizations when applied to the right situations. We all use social media interfaces in our daily lives and if IT applied those concepts to their interactions with their customers, satisfaction would rise, information could be consumed instead of submitting tickets and communities of power users could be found within the more here -->

Michele Hudnall @HudnallsHuddle

Socially Responsible IT

Hi Michele,
You make a great point here and in your post. While my original research on Social Business Strategy focuses on taking a strategic approach to creating a social business (a term I noticed IBM has now adopted), the way IT uses social technologies plays a very important role in both delivering improved services and empowering all employees to solve technology challenges.


This is my first time I visit your site and honestly, your site are great site with contain a lot of articles or information that I have never know before this. Thanks to advances in technology, there are a number of very interesting and important initiatives happening that are targeted at understanding the customer, creating good experiences for the customer, and reaching out to customers in new and different ways in order to build and maintain business. Thanks again.
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Love how social networking

Love how social networking has grown. It really is the next step!