Consumer Product Strategy Podcast, Episode 2: Virtual Goods, Real Money

Here is the second video podcast in the "Find Your Popcorn" series, part of a new approach to our research processes. So to hear me talk about how gaming sites' promotion of virtual goods (paid for with real currency) could help other companies build new revenue streams, please click on the video link below. And as ever, please share your thoughts and feedback on both what we are saying and how we are saying it.

And watch this space for updates on how to subscribe to future podcasts via iTunes.


How do I subscribe to the "Podcast?"

I see see the feed for the blog and that works in Google Reader like another other blog with an RSS feed. A podcast however is something I should be able to subscribe to in iTunes or similar podcatcher app and then view on my iPod offline, e.g. when I am in the NYC subway with no wi-fi.

Is there really a Podcast?