Mobile Web Audience Is Larger Than You Think

[Posted by Neil Strother]
Marketers take note: mobile audiences continue to build. Two major Web destinations offered some new evidence this week:

  • attracts 12.5 million monthly unique visitors to its mobile site
  •'s site generates 18 million mobile page views a month

Moreover,'s 'repeat rate' among mobile visitors is nearly 100 percent, says Cameron Clayton, VP of mobile for The Weather Channel Interactive.

Other popular mobile destinations - Yahoo! (34 million monthly uniques) and ESPN (6.7 million), for instance - boast significant audiences as well. Expect these mobile audiences to grow as more people access sites from devices like the iPhone, BlackBerrys, and Android handsets, which deliver a more satisfying mobile Web experience than standard mobile phones. If you're looking to target the growing mobile Web audience, Forrester can help you frame a sensible strategy. See "Best Practices: Mobile Marketing" as a place to start (if you're a Forrester client, it's available in full).

Have you placed ads on mobile Web sites? What was your experience? Post a comment below.


re: Mobile Web Audience Is Larger Than You Think

It's 2009 and mobile finally provides real opportunity for marketers, but only if they can develop apps that provide real value to consumers. Mobile as a advertising media isn't where the sweet spot is.