Predictive Apps Are The Next Big Thing In App Development

This post is based on published research. Forrester clients can read the full report here: Predictive Apps Are The Next Big Thing

Developers And Their Business Counterparts Are Caught In A Trap

They swim in game-changing new technologies that can access more than a billion hyperconnected customers, but they struggle to design and develop applications that delight customers and dazzle shareholders with annuity-like streams of revenue. The challenge isn’t application development; app developers can ingest and use new technologies as fast as they come. The challenge is that developers are stuck in a design paradigm that reduces app design to making functionality and content decisions based on a few defined customer personas or segments.

Personas Are Sorely Insufficient

How could there be anything wrong with this conventional design paradigm? Functionality? Check. Content? Check. Customer personas? Ah — herein lies the problem. These aggregate representations of your customers can prove valuable when designing apps and are supposedly the state of the art when it comes to customer experience and app design, but personas are blind to the needs of the individual user. Personas were fine in 1999 and maybe even in 2009 — but no longer, because we live in a world of 7 billion “me”s. Customers increasingly expect and deserve to a have a personal relationship with the hundreds of brands in their lives. Companies that increasingly ratchet up individual experience will succeed. Those that don’t will increasingly become strangers to their customers.

Predictive Apps: The New Design Paradigm

The answer to developing apps that dazzle the digital consumer and making your company stand out from the competition lies in what Forrester calls predictive apps. Forrester defines predictive apps as:

Apps that leverage big data and predictive analytics to anticipate and provide the right functionality and content on the right device at the right time for the right person by continuously learning about them. 

Four Design Principles Distinguish Predictive Apps

To build anticipatory, individualized app experiences, app developers will use big data and predictive analytics to continuously and automatically tune the app experience by:

  • Learning who the customer (individual user) really is.
  • Detecting the customer’s intent in the moment.
  • Morphing functionality and content to match the intent.
  • Optimizing for the device (or channel).

This requires new components and a new architecture to make it happen.

Predictive App Architecture




Big data for "market of one"

Excellent post, it completely reflects Amdocs’ view on big data.

Personas were great when the majority of shopping was completed in retail stores and retail agents could only remember 8 to 10 different identities. However, in 2013, when customers can shop on unassisted channels and retail agents have a computer at their fingertips, there is no reason why there can’t be 7 billion personas -- one for each individual. The only challenge now is how to deal with big data to create the right customer context that is up to date at all times.

When a customer interacts with the business through a call center or app (sales or support), providing the right response at the right time across the right channel and touch point is vital to ensure a positive overall experience, which ultimately increases the service provider’s Net Promoter Score as well. In order to provide that, the business has to be equipped with tools that can anticipate customer needs for care or commerce, and can take the right action to pre-emptively and proactively address those needs.

Happy to discuss this further if you’d like.

Market of one

Thanks for your comments. I think the technology and data are finally here to achieve market of one. I'd love to discuss further.

The future of Apps

Great architecture proposal.

I would imagine that rigorous App development frameworks like story boards and the hard wired data processes of current ERP vendors must change.

Also, I see that the comms community wish to add meaningful interop between the application level and comms level with for example NGSON.

Thanks for the article. Please feel free to follow up by email.

future of app developers

Application developers and designers really have to jump on this. Designing and developing navigation and forms-based apps is so boring for users. Predictive apps require software developers to dust off their notes on AI and machine learning algorithms and get excited about data again. I'm with you.

Personalize apps but within marketing goals

This will exactly be the next wave of innovation in mobile. Apps will look & behave very differently for each user.

The big challenge is to make predictive apps (at TapCrowd we call them "adaptive apps") that operate within the boundaries of the company's marketing goals.

Each individual is different and must be served based on their own profile, interests and context. On the other hand, it's clear marketeers need to be able to define overall campaigns in line with their targets.

Take for example automotive apps: the app user profile may indicate that a user has a high interest for model X, but the brand's goal may be to promote model Y. The challenge is to personalize the apps in order to be relevant to the user, and on the other hand stay within the marketing boundaries of the app publisher (e.g. a car brand).

Or in other words, you need backend intelligence to map user profiles (individuals, each a "segment of one") to marketing campaigns. And you need adaptive apps that can morph based on the individual, but are still manageable by the marketeer without the need to set thousands of rules.


Yep. I am 100% with you and glad to see you have technology to do this.

The technology is here

We are in this field for quite a while with a straightforward solution to use. We call it Sense6 and it's for personalizing apps using predictive algorithms, all in real-time.

Predictive Apps

As we are one of mobile app development company and we know nowadays in this digital world, only predictive apps can survive because as you have also mentioned some points that is:

1. User Requirement
2. User Intent
3. Great Functionality with great features
4. Optimization for Device

Yes all these does matter.

Predictive Apps

Yes me too agree with Mike !

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Brilliant list, has made sourcing good content for reading and blogging much better, also some great inspiration in there.

Mobile app and Development

The mobile app with different innovative ideas, with keep on predicting, is definitely generate something unique and appealing.

mobile apps development

The mobile app with different innovative ideas, with keep on predicting, is definitely generate something unique and appealing.The big challenge is to make predictive apps (at TapCrowd we call them "adaptive apps") that operate within the boundaries of the company's marketing goals.I would imagine that rigorous App development frameworks like story boards and the hard wired data processes of current ERP vendors must change.thanks

Great Features to Think About with Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is one of the smartest steps that any individual or business can take in the present age. The primary involvement of individuals could be as developers while companies can benefit by developing as well as getting one developed for the business. All big and small companies that are involved with website or software development can add a department for mobile application development while other companies can hire a mobile app development company to improve their customer-friendliness .

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