What Is A Data Scientist?

Why all the fervor about big data? The answer is that it provides deep insights and predictive models that can dramatically improve business outcomes. But you need a data scientist to get there. There’s a lot of mythology about what a data scientist is and isn’t. In this episode of TechnoPolitics, Mike Gualtieri explains what a data scientist is, what skills they need, and how to hire one. You may also be interested in What Is Hadoop.

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This Forrester Instant Insight was produced by Mike Gualtieri and edited by Lindsay Gualtieri


Thank you the informative

Thank you the informative webcast on the subject of "What is A Data Scientist?". It makes lot of sense about the importance of a Data Scientist and the outcome they will be producing. At the same time, a "miss led" or "miss informed" Data Scientist is as dangerous as any intelligence that went wrong. Lets also agree that there are deceptions out there. People are people every where...good and bad. Isolating good information from bad information is very difficult in some cases...it is not known until you made the decision that you regret it later on. Such is the nature of intelligence.....how many tries you have to make based on the intelligence you have on hand before you can say you have succeeded? There are failures even with the inclusion of Data Scientists in the intelligent community. So, a Data Scientists is only good as the validity of the information that they are dealing with.

Very interesting but why all

Very interesting but why all these gross typos in the second presentation?