TechnoPolitics Podcast: Six Mobile App Development Predictions For 2013

Six Mobile Predictions!

Top Forrester mobile app-dev analysts Jeffrey Hammond and Michael Facemire prognosticate about the top trends for mobile application development in 2013. In this episode of Forrester TechnoPolitics, your host, Mike Gualtieri, asks Jeffrey and Michael to each make three predictions about mobile application development in 2013. Listen to this lively discussion and let us know if you agree or disagree with these predictions or have a few of your own to contribute.

Podcast: Mobile App Development Predictions For 2013 (14 minutes)

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so nice!!!

Thanks for the top trends for

Thanks for the top trends for mobile application development in 2013.

Thanks..... anil from NBT

anil from NBT

Thanks for the article.

Today the smartest machine in several homes, besides a desktop computer or laptop, is a smartphone. Everything else from the TV to the toaster, are dumb by comparison. But that’s changing, as more devices are enabled with wireless connectivity. The smartphone is also becoming the hub for them all likely used to turn off the lights or control the temperature of a house. More devices will go mobile, expanding the very definition of the term, and the smartphone will become gradually important as the “mother-ship” that controls them all.

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Good Post Mike Gualtieri

Good Post Mike Gualtieri !!
It has become very important for smartphone users to know about the latest trends the apps are following.
It was useful buddy \m/

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Awesome Mobile Predictions for Mobile App Developers and I hope you will share more. Thank you very much..

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While enterprise mobile app will continue to get traction 2013, it remains to be seen whether users adopt highly personalized apps that learn their preferences and behaviour over time.

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