TechnoPolitics Podcast: Big Data Has Big Place In IT Ops

Forrester TechnoPoliticsA key role of IT operations is to keep a complex portfolio of applications running and performing. "Traditional monitoring dashboards generate lots of pretty charts and graphs but don't really tell IT operations professionals a whole lot," says Forrester Principal Analyst Glenn O'Donnell. Big data analytics will change that because sophisticated algorithms can "look for the little tremors that tell us something big is about to happen."

High Availability And Performance Are Top Goals For IT Ops
Asked what 5 nines (99.999%) of availability means, Glenn replies immediately, "5 nines of availability is 26 seconds of downtime per month." He adds "If you want to capture just one 26 second event, you have to be polling every 13 seconds." Glenn knows his stuff. Listen to find out from Glenn how big data has a big place in the future of IT operations.
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There seems to be some

There seems to be some confusion between Big Data & the Analytics. Big Data is the extra data some organizations will have to cope with in a not to distant futur, no less no more. The Analytics in Ops has always been with the staff. In IT Security you can't expect a machine or "Magic Software" to do the analytics and decide what is important / unimportant data or what is an attack & what isn't. So yes you need tools like SIEMs, Secnology or Hadoop for example, to manage the Data but more importantly you need the data/security expert to setup the rules & make the calls.