TechnoPolitics Podcast: Why Mobile App Developers Are Smiling

Forrester InfographicJobs. Jobs. Jobs. Unfortunately, the average unemployment rate remains at 8.2%. Not so for mobile app developers. They are in high demand. We created the Why Mobile App Developers Are Smiling infographic to tell the story. In this episode of TechnoPolitics, Jeffrey S. HammondMichael Facemire, and I discuss:

  • The inspiration behind this infographic. (Hint: we love developers.)
  • Advice on how you can leverage your existing dev skills to become a mobile app developer.
  • The difference between developing for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Why BlackBerry is not even mentioned in the infographic.
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Yes correct the demand for iOS (iPhone) and Android (JAVA) are in demand but UX mobile designers are even more in demand. Basically if you can code iOS/Android in NYC you will have a job. Mobile first / RESS (responsive with server side scripting) is typically applied to websites and not mobile apps. Also typically if you have a passion for mobile you'll get ahead be better at it. You don't need legacy programming languages you can even use ruby on rails to output Objective c. Was my comment a bit much? its my passion! ;-)


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Nice topic. These are very important part of software development. I am agree with you...

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Well it is a great news for the mobile developers in this recession period :)
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